Unity assets

Spectator Player Controls

This is a light package for a flexible In-Game camera that allows player free movement around the scene (collision included).

This is an out-of-the-box solution that requires no coding and simple drag & drop of a prefab into the scene will do the trick. The code is well documented and easy to customize. Camera behavior can be adjusted without any coding with the settings available on the components. A bit more advance use might require coding, such as changing the follow target to the main component in game run-time (shown in demo scene).

Unit Formation

Lightweight tool to help you move units into specific formations. You can use existing formations or create your own!

  • generate formation positions, formation facing specified angle
  • generate formation positions, formation faces angle calculated by the path units will take
  • includes formations: Line, Rectangle, Circle and Triangle
  • adjustable spacing on pre-existing formations
  • easy interface to add your own formation
  • coding is required to use this asset
  • includes scene that demonstrates all features

RTS Unit Selection

Simple Unit Selection package suitable for games that require RTS style selection.

  • enables single or multiple unit selection (more features below)
  • short well documented code
  • no-coding required for out-of-the-box use
  • extra customisation requires minimal coding
  • short setup
  • interface for extending the selection system
  • 2 selection examples included (2D and 3D)

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About me

Hello there 👋
I am a software developer from Slovenia. I am a family man, father of two. 💪🏼

Professionally I am focused on iOS applications, but I also dabble with applications in other operating systems like Android, Windows or MacOS.

My joy has always been games and how they work - just to understand the gears behind the rendering that we see as gamers. I've been creating prototypes for more than 5 years now, but more or less in "middle of the night" capacity.

Now I've decided to start publishing small components that I create during my adventures, maybe some of them will help you guys move things further in your games than I have 🤞